Industrial Equipment For Sale

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Sweeper Vacuum 2007 Elgin Crosswind Regenerative Sterling SC8000 Cummins Diesel
$39,995 USD
Stock No: SIP0820751365MS400
Usage: 123,000 Miles
VIN: 49HAADBV87DX61751
Parking Lot Sweeper Tennant 6600 High Dump LPG
$12,000 USD
Stock No: VC618114044BL120
Usage: 1,768 Hours
Serial Number: 660025077
Grinding Mill Union Process Batch Attritor Milling System Szegvari
$5,000 USD
Stock No: SIP1218014001GS050
Serial Number: 911014
Light Tower / 7.5 KW Generator 2012 Allmand Night Lite Pro
$4,800 USD
Stock No: WC419547A039DS048
Usage: 7,144 Hours
Serial Number: 2126PRO212
Light Tower Generator 6 KW Light House 2003 Ingersoll Rand 120V / 240V
$3,800 USD
Stock No: SIP0420217007DSCS038
Usage: 6,264 Hours
Serial Number: 4FVLSBDA83U334217
EZ Go Cushman Minute Miser 24V Utility Cart
$3,500 USD
Stock No: SIP0820618000GSBS035
Usage: 1,472 Hours
Serial Number: 2176618
Air Skid Caster (6) 20
$2,000 USD
Stock No: SIP11184602003GS040
Serial Number: 00-9246-02
Motor Induction Generator 3 Ph. 480V 4 Pole 160 HP 2010 Marathon Primeline
$1,800 USD
Stock No: WC419608006GS018
Serial Number: WAA064890
2000 MCI Synthetic Diamond Packing Press and Control Manufacturing Equipment
$1,500 USD
Stock No: SIP1118452000GS015
Serial Number: 4520
Military Tent Heater H32 120,000 BTU Diesel
$1,000 USD
Stock No: SIP0820163000GSBS010
Serial Number: H8202163
NEW Industrial Motor Baldor 3 Ph 1 HP 208/230/480V 1140 RPM
$250 USD
Stock No: SIP1218092000GS005
Serial Number: F1092