Boom Lifts For Sale

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Aerial Telescopic Boom Lift 2012 Skyjack SJ66T 4x4 66’ Manlift
$34,500 USD
Stock No: SIP0220000320MS345
Usage: 3,500 Hours
Aerial Telescopic Boom Lift 2008 Genie S85 4x4 Diesel Manlift
$34,000 USD
Stock No: VC920206206DS340
Usage: 4,058 Hours
Serial Number: S8008-6703
Aerial Telescopic Boom Lift 2005 JLG 660SJ 66' 4x4 Diesel Manlift
$27,000 USD
Stock No: LN919467178DS340
Usage: 5,887 Hours
Serial Number: 0300080593
Boom Lift 2008 JLG 450AJ 4x4 45' with Jib Dual Fuel Articulating Man Lift
$25,000 USD
Stock No: VC1120252154HE250
Usage: 2,567 Hours
Serial Number: 0300126414
Aerial Telescopic Boom Lift 2007 JLG 400S 4x4 Dual Fuel Manlift
$18,000 USD
Stock No: WC1020139093DS180
Usage: 4,232 Hours
Serial Number: 0300117479